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How To Be A More Organised Person




How To Be A More Organised Person


By Monisha Iswaran


Sometimes life can feel like one big mound of chaos that you have to decipher! From balancing work, family life, friends and a social life along with keeping your house clean and staying healthy – it can seem near impossible! Here are a few tips on how to stay just a tad more organised, regardless of your situation:


Being Organised As A Parent


Staying on top of all your numerous responsibilities when you’re a parent can be exceedingly tough. You might be running from a work meeting to a parent-teacher conference, and then taking your kids to footy training. However, there are a few tips that you can follow that might help you out with juggling everything you have to manage.


Firstly, if you need to get things done – simply take the kids along with you on the outing. Little ones can have a fun time doing almost anything, from helping you pick things out at grocery store, to accompanying you while you walk your dog and push your kids in a stroller simultaneously! No matter what the activity, they’ll have fun so take them along while you get your errands done.


Secondly, if you have things you need to get done, such as answering work emails or even laundry, carve out a specific kid-free time of day to do just that. This could mean tucking your little ones into their cots at a specific time every day so that you know you have a couple of yours to yourself before bed. It’s all about discipline!


Being Organised With Health & Fitness


Keeping healthy and fit can be one of the hardest things to sneak around a busy schedule, especially if you have both a job and a family to keep on top of. There are a few ways you can make this slightly easier for yourself. With regarding to eating healthy meals, meal prep at the start of the week. This means doing any major cooking on Sunday (or whatever your most free day is) so you are all ready for the week ahead. This can include getting things ready for your children’s lunchboxes, your own lunches for work, and any dinner items that you can prepare in advance. This way you won’t end up just eating take out, and have nutritious delicious items prepared.


With regard to fitness, try and sneak in little bits of exercise anywhere that you can. Whether that means getting up a tiny bit earlier so you can fit in a quick 30 minute workout, or even getting in a quick run during your lunch break – find something that fits around your daily commitments. You’d be surprised where you can grab a quick half an hour that you easily could have spent browsing Instagram.


Being Organised With Your Belongings


One way in which it is important to stay extremely organised is with your possessions. This includes both personal, important belongings as well as the items you have around your house – no one wants a clutter! With personal items such as keys, credit cards, cash, drivers license etcetera, make sure you have a pouch or systematic way of keeping them all together in one place. Invest in a cute pouch or purse with compartments for all your things and it’ll be well worth your while! Organise now and save time on replacing lost items later.


When it comes to things around the house, have a specific place for every item you own, so that when you’re cleaning up you know exactly where everything goes. This also saves you heaps of time when hunting for a particular thing, as you already know exactly where it is. Perhaps write this down for particular possessions, if you keep forgetting where they are located. It also helps to have a regular clean-up schedule to follow, so you ensure things don’t get out of hand after a few busy days.


So there you have it – a few ways to get yourself organised in three areas of your life – one of them is bound to be applicable to you! So get yourself in order and enjoy a stress-free, neat and orderly life. Invest a little time now, and save a lot of stress later.